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Meet the team

Pamela K Ellis

Pam Ellis, founder and owner of Ellis Design, comes to   staging with a unique combination of art, theater and business. Pam was submerged in the world of ballet for 17 years, an accomplished mural painter, co-owner of a high end painting company and ran a profitable jewelry design business. 


As a muralist,  Pam developed a deep understanding of color and its affect on our surroundings. Dance and theater developed a keen appreciation for the power of lighting and sets. Operating the painting company and crew developed an affinity for contractors. The jewelry design business was an ongoing lesson in marketing and promotion. All great ingredients for creating and building a staging company in 2004

 “Every time a buyer walks through your front door, you get ONE chance to audition before a very tough judge.  We know how to increase your chances of getting a ‘yes.'” – Pam Ellis

Nate Thomas

Pam’s Associate (and son), brings a passion and love for staging based on his background as a licensed real estate broker, and a lifelong commitment to making art. Nate has training and education as a graphic designer, audio production and business. He is also currently exploring furniture design and creating signature pieces of his own.

 “Each time we finish a project, we walk away knowing we have created something beautiful. We give the buyer a vision for a homes potential.” – Nate Thomas

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