Frequently Asked Questions


Do you stage different styles of homes such as modern vs. traditional?

Yes, Ellis Design is unique in that it can accommodate a variety of home styles. Here are just a few examples

 Condos: lofts and modern urban dwellings require a certain edgy flair to attract the most likely buyer.

With nearly a decade of staging homes in downtown Seattle, we’re experienced with concrete floors, walls of windows (with or without a view), Our staff includes designers who specialize in “cutting edge modern style” who understand markets ranging from young professionals to the growing group of urban retirees.


High End Home:  High-end buyers bring certain expectations when they view a multi-million dollar property. We design these homes keeping lifestyle as our focus. From art and accessories down to bed linens and lamps, the entire home must display quality and inspire luxury living.


Family Homes: We have the popular basic 3 - 4 bedroom house down to a beautiful science that works every time, while still staying true to our artistic and creative roots. In this ultra-competitive marketplace, we make sure your home stands out and will sell for top dollar. We know how to work with outdated floor plans, overdue paint jobs and fixtures that were brand-new for your grandmother’s honeymoon. 


Occupied Homes: If the seller will be living in the home while it’s on the market the first step is to arrange a consultation session. In the consultation we advise on what to remove and what to leave for us to work with.  This consultation has a separate charge of $200.  We will write up a proposal outlining our cost to return, rearrange and augment your remaining pieces at later date.  We most often return with art, decorative pillows and accessories and arrange rooms to create the most appealing MLS photos. Further information on consultations can be found under services.


How long does it take to stage my house and when do you show up?

For larger homes with multiple areas to be staged we request 2 days.  For the average sized home we are usually finished in 1 day. Photos are ­not scheduled for the same day as staging. Typically we spend the mornings pulling inventory from our warehouse and packing our truck.  We usually arrive at the house between 1:00 and 2:00, this is not set in stone however as there are many moving parts to a staging company and sometimes we arrive later in the day. A key or access to a contractor box or garage code is the best. 


Do you put nail holes in our walls? 

Yes, hanging art is a crucial part of staging.  Sometimes it is painful for sellers who recently painted to see nails put in their walls.  Keep in mind that hanging art is a necessity in staging, buyers understand that there will be nail holes, it will NOT hold up a sale and very likely the buyers will want to repaint in colors of their own choosing. If the paint job is fresh, It’s always good to label cans of extra paint in case the buyers want to touch up the existing colors.


Should I have the house cleaned before or after staging? 

We always recommend a thorough and professional “move out” clean be completed before we stage.  This is because the design team spends a lot of time arranging and fine-tuning the placement of our furnishings and accessories. Cleaners move the staging items for cleaning, they are not put back as we intended.  They know their job and we know ours.


Can I move some of the items if they do not suit my tastes? 

No. It’s really important that you trust our experience and reasons behind what we do.  We understand that it’s a difficult process to emotionally detach from your home. Please keep in mind that we are fully experienced in “packaging” or staging homes and we target the most likely buyer and not the seller’s tastes. It is part of our job as professionals to keep up to date with trends and styles. Soon you will have a new home to apply your tastes and preferences too.


What if I am not ready on the scheduled stage day?

We understand that contractor delays etc can throw off a schedule.   Because we are holding your staging day and turning down other bookings we require a one-week (7 days) notice of your need to reschedule.  Our schedule books tightly but we will do our best to work you in as soon as possible on the next available day.  


How do I pay?

Our administrator Marci will invoice you via email for the deposit once the proposal has been accepted. You may pay by credit card, (all credit card fees apply), or by mailing a check. The remainder is due on the day the staging is completed.

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